Compatible Operating Systems:

wayback screen software archive

Mac OSX 10.3.9:

Tried and tested, needs a 29160N or 29160U SCSI card. Runs either Cezanne or Elite.

Sorbet Leopard 10.5.9 for PPC G4/G5:

Sorbet Leopard (10.5.9) is an unnofficial build of Mac OSX 10.5 that combines elements of the 10.6 PPC beta but removes uneeded intel binaries among other practical improvements. This OS will run on G4 and G5 Macs with minimum system requirements.

Color Genius EX v2.07 for the FT-S5000 is compatible with this version tested using an ASC/APD 29160N card on a G5 Mac.

The Adaptec Beta v1.3 driver however expects certain file permissions on the /System and /System/Library directories. You must remove the extended attributes belonging to using the following commands:

“sudo xattr -d /System”
“sudo xattr -d /System/Library”

If you get stuck on a white or blue screen on startup with an FT-S5000 connected it means you must update the scanner firmware to v2.12.

Sorbet Leopard is available from Macintosh Repository here

Mac OSX 10.6.8 for MacPro

Color Genius EX v2.14 for the FT-S5500 is compatible with this version. After installation be sure to apply the software updates. If running Snow Leopard on a PCIe Mac you will need an ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D card and a VHDCI to CN50 cable. Alternitvely you can unitize an existing HDCI to CN50 but you must connect it using a header on the card internals.