SCSI Card Compatibility:

Adaptec 29160x:

The Adaptec 29160N / 29160U cards are recommended by Screen and are widely used on a variety of systems.

Both the ASC (usually Dell) and APD (Apple) cards will work for our purposes. If you plan to boot from a drive connected to this card or use use the SCSI BIOS for any other reason details are below…

The ASC version of the card uses a SST–29EE512 512KB EEPROM for the BIOS while the APD version uses a SST–29EE010 1Mbit EEPROM.

Turns out the ASC / PC card is identical to the APD / MAC version except for the BIOS stored on the cards EEPROM.

While there are ways to flash the EEPROM electronically, the MAC rom needs a 1Mbit EEPROM which the 512K ASC card EEPROM lacks.

The PC version bin is here and the MAC version is here