"A great deal of what is written about the practice of photography consists of opinions…. The problem with subjective opinions is that they lead to conclusions that are not easily tested and analyzed. Therefore, when one relies soley on personal opinion, the possibilities for obtaining new insights into the photographic process become very limited.

    -- Strobel, Compton, Current, Zakia, "Photographic Materials and Processes"

“Gotta Start Somewhere”

Praxis is a small initiative seeking to help create a more sane model for the service and development of photographic lab equipment.

Our focus is the research, maintenance and repair of electronic and sociological systems found in silver based processing and printing environments.

We are available in London for equipment repairs and calibrations on some specific machines. If we are unable to service your equipment we can put you in touch with someone who can.

For more information email max@praxis-ti.org