Screen Cezanne / Cezanne Elite:

To get a Cezanne up and running you will generally need a working scanner with necessary accessories, computer, SCSI cable, SCSI terminator and SCSI card.

The last version of ColorGenius EX is v2.14 for the FT-S5500 and v2.08 for the FT-S5000. Written for the PPC architecture these softwares will run on most Mac systems up to the 2010 5,1 MacPro (10.6.8) with a ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D. Additional setups are documented below and expounded on in the pages on SCSI, Operating Systems

G5 Dual (10.5.9/Sorbet Leopard) with Adaptec APD/ASC 29160N
MacPro 5,1 2010 (10.6.8) with ATTO ExpressPCI ULD5
G4 “mirror doors” (10.3.9) with Adaptec APD/ASC 29160N